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At TC Architecture we specialise in designs for Single residential Homes and Group Housing Schemes. Our favourite design aesthetics include Victorian, Georgian, Cape Dutch and Tudor. Many Tuscan and the very low maintenance Face Brick jewels have flowed from our desktops not forgetting the specific and unique design ultra modern cubist homes. Plans for Extensions like the infamous South African Braai room, Palisade boundary walls, Lean-to roofs, Customised Pools and Wooden Deck plans are produced daily.

We also cater for clients with a commercial investment who require unique interior design plans, furniture layouts, office layouts, restaurant table layouts and shopfronts.

A very powerful marketing tool in Developments is the 3D rendered image which enables a prospective client to see and experience the aesthetics and even the interior before it is built.




The Planning Process

Most people believe that an architect or professional house designer is expensive and only the wealthy can afford them. While this is a fact being misconcepted, huge amounts of money are still spent on badly designed homes.
By not using the skills and experience of a professional, a dream home can quickly turn into a nightmare. At TC Architecture we believe that a comfortable working relationship is essential to ensure that the designs are a team effort. The building designer at TC Architecture has two main tasks:
  1. the preparation of sketch plans
  2. the final working drawings after a design has been settled upon and a possible third involving quantity calculations of the proposed project.


1. Preparation

Sketch plans are produced which conforms to

  • practicality to live in
  • comfortable fit on the proposed site
  • benefits from surrounding elements (i.e. view, usage of contours)
  • adherence to the budget

2. Working Drawings

After settling for a design we finalise your plans. Being very detailed, final drawings consist of elevations, section(s), roof layout, site layout, boundary wall details, paving details, complete floor plans and a schedule of finishes.

At TC Architecture our aim is for drawings to be comprehensive to ensure that the contractor does not misinterpret them.


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