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At TC Architecture we can create a virtual model of your proposed home and allow you to view your home in a realistic, three dimensional video, complete with accurate sunlight, textures and reflections. This technology is extremely helpful to clients who find it difficult to visualise and picture what the finished project will look like, especially on the inside of the house.


We can create virtual tours which can be especially useful for the real estate industry looking to attract prospective tenants/buyers, eliminating the cost of travel to numerous individual locations for the consumer. A virtual tour (or virtual reality tour) is virtual reality simulation of an existing location, usually comprising 2D panoramic images, a sequence of hyperlinked still or video images, and/or image-based models of the real location, as well as other multimedia elements such as sound effects , music , narration, and text. As opposed to actual tourism, a virtual tour is accessed on a personal computer (typically over the Internet ). It does not require travel, but ideally, virtual tour viewing evokes an experience of moving through the represented space.



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